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That is surely what we all need, a paleofuture blog.

It has not been a good year for the T. Rowe Price Communications and Technology fund, formerly the Media and Telecommunications fund.  Normally it is up about 20% a year.

As far as I can tell, not a whole lot has changed in terms of the growth.  Computers, smartphones, they are virtually one in the same and they are still getting better.  A lot of people have them; some still don’t, particularly in developing markets.

I had never heard of Huawei.  I know a little about ZTE because I have a ZTE phone.

Did you receive the presidential text?  Just imagine such a world.

It is a lot more than just a computer.  It is about communication, real people in everyday life, and every possible ramification within that.

So you are going to steal our technology and use it against us?

There is no question about it.  It is the new cold war.


I do not like Trump.  Perhaps Russia really isn’t a threat and China is.  But this has been going on a long time.  I like that his hard-headedness and forceful negotiations are showing up here.

Unindicted co-conspirator?  That is worth a read.

Michael Cohen.  Maybe that is the difference between a 2nd-level white collar criminal and an everyday blue collar one who spends their life in and out of jail.  For decades Cohen led the high life as Trumps fixer and having your boss and (former) protector elected president doesn’t hurt.

Then the fall came hard.  You can see it in his face and in his actions.  He only wants to preserve his family and do his best to avoid prison.  That life is over and he fully realizes it.

For a while he tried to continue with the old ways but it was over.  He was caught.

And there is no way he is a rogue lawyer.  It is one more giant stain on Trump, and it is one of many.  Could it bring him down or can he ride it out is the only real storyline.