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It is nice to see data from the Social Security Administration.

I don’t know anything about inheritance taxes because it does not affect me.  One side of that is I have never inherited a dime.

This little post does identify another perspective, that of recipients’ dependence on, and increased dependence on, social security.  “Cash” vs. noncash will always muddy the data, but one-third only source is a huge number nonetheless as social security alone may not be enough to live on.

It also does not address all the other issues, number one of which is the shift away from employer pensions to self-directed savings.  For somewhere around half of retires that system has not worked and they do not have enough saved.

It is surprising that this blurb does not mention IRAs at all.  And Roth IRAs only began in 1997.  These tax-free withdrawls and income may not show up to the SSA at all.