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I understand the NY Times website because it is a lot like this one:  plain.  ‘We’d rather write,’ I hope they will tell you, and ‘we don’t care about hits.’  Nope, there are plenty of videos and pics too.  It has surpassed the Washington Post, and especially on a phone it is easier and more informative.  Why not take a few minutes to scan the best?

Interesting that a former police chief would rob a bank.  He thought it is something you can get away with?  And he must know what jail is like.

The Washington Post, owned by Bezoz/Amazon has become a single-minded Trump smear job.  I even question some of the headlines.

My approach is to read the front pages and go to Google for a different presentation of the news stories anyway.  There is no need for the piddling subscriptions or the even worse log-ins and tracking, and you can clean your cookies.

It is that snippy, trying-to-be-funny writing style that caught me on this one.  If you read about Bernie Madoff you get a lot of that.  This time it isn’t so bad and it seems to go away.

I read a lot about social security disability payments which is linked to opiods, etc.  If this man had a brain tumor and was disabled, and fired for it, isn’t that what disability payments are for?