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(ttb, tribute to trina; no, that’s not right.)

That one is really bad.  Still it held my attention longer than many of the others.

Randy Weaver is still king.  His is the best story.  Kirsten Dunst standing on a rock with a rifle can’t be beat.

There’s the guy who plowed into the Mosque in London who seemed even more normal than the others.  “We could see him cooking in his kitchen and he seemed happy,” someone from the Muslim family next door said.  It looked normal for the U.K. (Wales) but it was still scrunched-together like hell.

“In-bred,” he said half under his breath.  I’d never heard that before and I didn’t know what it meant.  Everyone in the large family knew it immediately.

The only smart thing Ammon Bundy did was take advantage of others’ dislike for the federal government–BLM, FBI, and others.  That I did not know, either, as the FBI or BLM man in charge also said.

The guy who drove away twice and was shot on camera in the snow was a lunatic.  And the rest who sat in the car…  They were on their way to a meeting.

The Canadian story, Into Thin Air, is a good one too.  Yes, a lot of dislike for the Feds even in Canada.

And the bios on James T. Hodgkinson seem to be over.  Man, that was close.  I’m not surprised that his stay in Washington (Alexandira, VA) was not easy.  What made him think that he could live in his car (van)  for close to two months, in a parking lot, at the Y?  He went inside to shower and to charge his laptop.  He was angry many people have said.  At 66, 5’6″ 200 pounds he wasn’t exactly a physical threat.

You could say he wasn’t a very effective terrorist.  Or he couldn’t even do that right.

It is hard to understand why he was so poor–I mean, why he didn’t have any money.  He was going to head back home to a life that was very unhappy because he was running out of money.  It seems he worked most of his life, had a nice house, and was married, and tried to raise three daughters.

He went into the BBQ place every day in Alexandria and had one or two Budweisers.  At least drink five or six, with onion rings and a slab of ribs.  You’re just going to crawl back to the van anyway.  Or, stay in a nice hotel and go out in style.

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