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The video plays right through, no ads, and it is extremely well done–by far the most comprehensive look so far.

Videos of Jill Cummins are hard to watch.  She is absolutely sincere and cuter than I would have thought.  “I was in tears,” she said, when he taught her how to make coffee and she thought he wouldn’t be there any more.

The situation with Elizabeth’s mother has not been widely publicized.  It is sad to watch the crying girls.  The father?  He is sincere too, but you really should notice young girls being hit against dressers or being hit with 2×4’s.  Working day and night as an exterminator…  The girls themselves reported their own mother.

Where’s the link from the defense lawyer saying it is a tough case.  Yeah, the ‘you’re in a position of authority’ argument is not one you are going to beat.  Fifteen probably should be old enough but sex with a minor is pretty clear too.

You just don’t tell a student you have a nice ass.