Rupert Murdoch

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I’ll miss him when he is gone.  He’s the one who said, to virtually everyone, “You don’t know how to do” journalism.  Then he went out and proved it.

Son James has had absolutely everything growing up (including his education) and appears to be an outstanding executive.  I remember him from the Britain wireless scandals and the laws–it doesn’t matter if you knew, you are responsible.

James (I don’t know as much about Lachey) has been groomed to make tough decisions and he is about as good at it as anyone can be.  By tough I mean $5, $10, $100 million decisions regularly and within a very complex business.

As for Bill O’Reilly, I know people who watch him.  (Here in Denver the clock helps.  Sometimes you can put up with anything at 6 PM.)  Personally, I remember him from the days Fox was starting and occasionally when he pops up I am quick to mute or worse.  To me he is a blowhard.

But at the same time, I’m tempted to listen for just a moment to his gigantic, unflappable, motor-driven piehole once he shows up somewhere.

I haven’t read the above link but I hope I am pleased when I do.  I’ve followed them for years and I need an update.  If it is anything like the “mobile phone” ordeal they pretty much made the right decisions or got away with it–however you choose to look at it; Rupert testified and wasn’t touched, James survived, and last I heard Rebekah Brooks was back on the job.

In this one, “sources” have been saying for a while that James wanted O’Reilly out.

Rupert Murdoch has done an amazing thing (News Corp., market cap $33.7 billion) with two sons, at least one of whom is an outstanding executive, to take it over.