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And I think it starts with the pilots–they’re doing it–and DIA, because they’re housing it.  It goes back to nuisance law, but with the FAA.  The sky is public but the FAA controls its publicness.


Since I couldn’t join your site I’ll send this here.

Ever notice airplane noise, especially in north Evergreen?

It is not random or something that will go away.  New FAA routing (NextGen) means this DIA corridor may become standard practice.  This is in addition to other airspace traffic, but my estimates are DIA jets cause about 90% of the noise.  The numbers may be as high as 250-300 planes a day; an FAA source confirmed approximately 15 per hour “sounds about right” but DIA counts per WebTrak may be up to 50% off.  A DIA spokesman estimated they are flying at 18,000 to 22,000 which seems highly doubtful.  The elevation in this area is between 7,000 and 8,000 feet.

In my home the noise begins around 6 AM and continues to close to midnight.  During heavy hours it is virtually continuous.  The mountains create significant reverberation.

What to do?  For starters.

Write/call Jeffco commissioners and airport director.

Write/call FAA ombudsman and Mr. Miller.

Write/call Jared Polis and senators.

Write call DIA noise office and superiors.

Contact FAA administrator RE requirement to review routes (NDAA).

More details (numbers and email) forthcoming.

Plus, another contact to the Canyon Courier.  I could swear there was a direct contact named Michael but that has been removed.  The Michael I spoke seems to be worse than the Doug I used to speak with.

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