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How do they do it?

Netflix now has nineteen channels devoted to true crime. I’ve already covered Scott Peterson!

This is a really good story.  No spoilers here!!

I don’t know if I’d wish it on anyone, but watching reruns of American Greed on Dailymotion does have its learnings.  Murder She Wrote on Watchseries is more fun.

Oh well, click for spoiler.

Graswald removed the plug on Viafore’s kayak knowing that he wasn’t wearing a life vest and that the River waters were dangerous and cold at the time. She was initially charged with second degree murder and manslaughter after the plug was found in Graswald’s car.

If you were capsized and holding on to the cayak, maybe the plug does matter.

I was going to say I know women who would lie on the driveway behind a car.


Where is Latvia?  Next to Lithuania.  Oh.