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7) What’s your Myers Briggs personality type? 
 I, my friend, am an INFP. Can you believe it?! I’m an open-hearted, self-reflective, introverted-extrovert. That explains a lot as only 1% of the population can claim this lucky combination.

So that’s it, that’s what I got out of my first weekend purchasing A-List.

“A good investment,” the other nerds said to their friend in the teen sleeper Can’t Buy Me Love. “$1,500 for a month with those cheerleaders is not an unwise investment.”

First, the attractiveness meter.  Yes, if you include Southern California it could be worth a kick or two.  And there’s this bizarre background with everyone saying they want someone younger, which may not really be true and probably isn’t going to happen anyway.  For women around here or my age it didn’t really work–too few or just too subjective.

Aside from the disc space (!) the only other real benefit is seeing who Likes you.  The number was creeping up.  Sometimes they tell you when the person clicks “Like” but you can often add it up by people viewing you, plus the little red Like counter.  I think it is retarded to play a cat and mouse game of now you can see me and now you can’t; many people do these kinds of things and stay invisible (i.e., I can view you but you can’t see it).  So I was curious, who are all these women who Like and hide?  More to the point, what #2=@!&%$ is wrong with them if they’re on a dating site but don’t do a *)@B^! thing?

I have “Liked back” about 20 women I have never seen before–hidden, out of state, out of country (!!) and so far haven’t heard from one.  BTW, when you Like each other the site notifies you (so hiding over).

That’s where the tidbit above is from.  Another really high match.

I’ve called it narcissism and I think it can be controlled, if you want to.

And this business of personality assessment?  It has never been my strong suit.  I’m not even going to include the links here because they are easy to find and filled with thousands of people discussing.  Most are OMG that’s me!

Get over yourself.  And being different probably isn’t lucky.

I don’t want to be insulting.  There is science behind it and it is very real.  I think from a compatibility standpoint it is fascinating, not so much for what it says but for what it doesn’t say.  What is not included is the life in between–the relationships, family, phobias and addictions, educations and experiences, travels, and exposure to everything; in other words, the culture.

Knowing is a good thing.  It’s just that…

99 people on OkCupid like you. That’s 99 people likely to write back, say yes, and make this whole dating thing much easier.