Delphi murders

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I can’t figure it out by looking at maps and pictures. Delphi, Indiana is between Bloomington, IL, Indianapolis, Chicago, and South Bend. The population is under 3,000 and it is flat. The Wabash River and Erie Canal–you can’t travel on them, they are just trickles or landmarks. There are some trails too, but they don’t go anywhere. The highway picture, Delphi, 1/2 mile, is ominous. There just isn’t anything there. A Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, and Hardees. Why would you go there, or stay there? The expert, and still obsessed, prolific writer said really random killings are very unusual. And there can’t be that many thirteen and fourteen year-old girls in Delphi, Indiana.

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At first the picture looked like someone neat, fit, and confident. The hair appeared clean and combed.

When I look closer, the leather in the front of the jeans isn’t exactly an urban style. The hair looks more like a bad toupee.  When I go out or to a public place I don’t wear a hoodie and windbreaker. I hope I don’t slouch like that.



They aren’t saying much at all.

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