Blame it on kids and colleges

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Sabrina Erdely.  Jackie made it up.  OMG.  I thought Jackie was the woman who made up the Duke lacrosse rape case.

“It takes trauma victims some time to come forward with all the details,” Erdely said, explaining why she remained unskeptical after she learned that Jackie had told two versions of the story to her first-year roommate. “It’s not unusual.”

The Derrick Rose civil case ended with a not guilty verdict.  They had something like an 18-month boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.  If it was a scam, that’s how long it took to develop.

The Duke rape case deserves yet another review.  I’ve done it before.  The last I remember another reporter was living there and researching in depth the life of the supposed victim.  Bathtub murder or suicide?  The Duke players represented the elite and opposition…


Crystal Mangum is in jail for murder.