No. California Family Demolition

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quincy, ca

The news is watching my fb and the man on the moon so I love u but I’m out for a while,” he wrote.

The apartment in Quincy.

Salinas, Redding, and finally Quincy.  Quincy looks isolated.

The brother is charged with arson.  A sister died two years ago in a car accident and the youngest children were hers.  The ex-husband is begging for money on Facebook so he can be there–the three oldest children are his–even though he is “out for a while.”

The mother is only 39, the boyfriend 17, and the twins are almost teenagers.

I don’t know why this sticks in my mind.  It is like crooked cop, a cry for help, he or she wants to get caught.

Who are these people?  Was the woman capable–mentally, financially, and otherwise–of raising five kids?  Who is the 17-year old and was he in it to become a father to this family?  And the father of the three surviving…  Who is providing apartments for this group?  (Answer:  probably the anonymous caller with the questions about the very young kids.)

It looks like the writing was on the wall.  Apparently, the woman just could not do it.

But still, plastic storage containers.  Apparently she just rented the storage unit “Friday.”  She has been with the 17-year old a year.

Monterey County Weekly.  Really fascinating journalism.  Meth?  Listen to what he has to say?  What could he possibly have to say.  $400 a month.  Restraining order dismissed; maybe you can’t make that up; perhaps you could make it up.  Neighbors said it and everyone knew.  Isn’t Salinas a wealthy area?

This small newspaper continues to report.  There is information in addition to errors.

Who is Laura Miranda, where is Chris Criswell, and why is a family who lives next door blaming county social services?

Precious Aponte:  “What were you so angry at?”

Lawni Thompson, 15, is another…

More.  A daughter wishing for the death penalty for her mother.  “The daughter said Curiel was a friend of her brothers when he started living with Huntsman around December 2014.”

Why did she/they get two single rooms at the Motel 6?


There will be a statement/press conference later Thursday.  There are clues.  Gonzalo Curiel’s violence; “There is a reason he was arrested.”  Drugs, meth, don’t jive with five kids in a small apartment.


“Everything is more complicated than it is,” she said. “Nothing is cut and dry.”

So he could pay for his wedding?  It took five years.  And the families are relentless.  Now is the time to dig in.