Jared Fogle and Subway

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I’ve been waiting for this ever since the story broke about a day ago.  It does not disappoint.

As for Subway, I never really got it.  Even I can make a sandwich.


tiny reminder

To get the obvious out of the way first, this wasn’t about some picture from Bulgaria showing up in someone’s email.  There’s a link to this “foundation” and quite a bit of access and influence potentially involved.

Moral, medical, scientific are things I am not really following.  To my knowledge this had nothing to do with smuggling girls or (widespread) trafficking.  I would call it more of a cultural or sociological problem, or even reality.

Moral is maybe for churches, medical is for doctors, and scientific, that could mean a lot of things.  Psychology probably is in there.  There’s a lot of ground to cover.  And “porn” is just, again, culture is as good as any other way to describe it.

“Child sex abuse,” on the other hand, is not so vague and difficult to deal with.  It is difficult to deal with.  But you know it when you see it, meaning the age-specifics are there for a reason.  It’s purpose is to protect the victims and, mostly because we have no way to deal with it on a much larger scale, punish the perpetrators.  In this case there is indisputable history and evidence.

That’s the thing about these crimes by these guys, they’re…  widespread isn’t the right word.  That’s why these guys are not just guilty, but going to jail.  Maybe this is where all the moral, medical and scientific stuff comes in–there really isn’t any reason to believe that profit or even abuse was the motivation in any way.  They did it, over a significant period of time with a number of “girls” (that’s the law, under 18). I don’t know the specifics of distributing and the crimes associated.  Obviously, they have teeth.

On an individual level, Fogle was married (second time) with two very young children.  The other guy had all kinds of video equipment–hidden video equipment.  I don’t know.  (EDIT:  Russell Taylor was married too.)

So what did we learn here, how is this case different than the others?  Boy, did everyone have their t’s crossed and i’s dotted on this one.  He’s a sleaze, he’s going away, and hopefully he’ll reform.  I guess that’s the white-collar, upstanding citizen reaction.  A couple of months ago everyone was saying Fogle hasn’t done anything wrong and it is just that other guy who’s the perv.  What was it, June?  (EDIT:  July 7.)  We now know that it takes about two months to analyze hard drives and reach a bit of a conclusion.


Coming soon!

More on Subway, i.e., in what circles is Jared Fogle a celebrity?

And some really bad jokes


sexy celebrity

$15 million

Ok, that was mean.  Is this an attractive man?  Sorry, that’s meant for the two wives.  Prostitutes can’t be picky.

The FBI and police reports go back to at least 2007.  All the while he was working for Subway and the links to the company are already starting to come out.  Watch it.  Subway is going to pay.

Subway attributed one third to one half of its growth in sales—more than tripling from 1998 to 2011—to Fogle.  (Wiki)

http://www.jaredfoundation.org/; obviously, it is down.


Not funny.  “On April 29, 2015, Russell Taylor, director of the Jared Foundation, was arrested at his Indianapolis home on child exploitation, possession of child pornography, and voyeurism charges. Fogle severed all ties with him immediately following the arrest.[12] Taylor attempted suicide on May 6 at Marion County Jail and was placed on life support.[13][14]

“Fogle will be restricted to only supervised contact or communication with minors upon approval of his probation officer. Supervised visits with his own children will be allowed only with pre-approval of their mother.[31] Upon release from prison, Fogle will be required to register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life, and undergo treatment for sexual disorders.”

Subway, Milford, CT is private.  Sales are down…  44,000 locations.  Usually, these chains are about selling franchises.  Yes the health benefits are real; Subway didn’t invent them.  Subway as health monger is a lot of hooey.  Frankly, the decor doesn’t do much for me–I’d crawl to a few pizza and barbeque joints that are a lot worse–and I’d rather buy everything at the supermarket for a picnic, lunch, sandwich, or whatever.  I have never, ever, heard anyone say “Let’s go to Subway for a sandwich, bag of chips, and soda.”  Do people do that?

The thing about Fogle…  It seemed he didn’t do a whole lot for himself but be fat, lose weight, and stumble into an advertising campaign that worked.  He had gained a lot of weight again; he “ran” the NYC marathon in 5 1/2 hours.  It just does not seem as thought he really worked, or was particularly good at, his opportunity.  And he led a bit of a secret life and lied about it.  I bet he had no idea that those (now) women were talking to the FBI.  So he was dumb too.  As a personality he does not seem to have a lot of magnetism, but I honestly have never seen him in action.  Ouch, another bad joke.  Oh, and a 450-pound college freshman is unusual.

I think a seventeen year-old woman pretty much knows what is going on.  But still.  And there’s a pattern.  Subway…  It is not good business.  “We didn’t know” is always a bad excuse.

Finally, another, or the bad one.  Does Subway promote sexual potency?