Nothing is as Healing as the Human Touch

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“It sounds terrible to leave a 16-year-old to his own devices, but he is probably happier that way.”  A quick reading suggests Regina was a smart, independent, and attentive mother.  The husband, birth certificate, and degree things are legit.  She appears to have helped in his education and chess development; moving and a lack of funds was not her fault.  Was she warm?

Fischer had lots and lots of contact with intelligent, mature chess players.

Aside from the weird, chess-playing woman Zita, there is no mention of a woman.  (EDIT:  The Japanese wife?)

Strange, the continued run-ins with the State Department.  Prelude to paranoia.

FBI reports is the wrong way to find out about your family.  I know.

There is no doubt he worked hard to realize his gift.

The HBO documentary is good; the film is very good.  Maybe he could have been happier if the childhood years were different.  He still had plenty of chances.

I wonder how many parents realize their kids, no matter how old, will always want their love.