Harassment by Ted Mink

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In-person harassment by Ted Mink (deputies coming to my home):

  1. 10/28/12 coming to my home (I wasn’t there).  They said I was there but not answering the door…  They searched my backyard without a warrant (not “exigency”).
  2. 10/29/12 coming to my home with a pre-prepared summons (I called to inquire about the stolen items and was told I would receive a call).  Accusation of criminal trespassing and criminal tampering.  No fence, no letter, no sign, not intent, etc.  They never even spoke with me.
  3. 10/7/12 coming to my home to harass and threaten me; two deputies; would not provide cards.  I said, provide threat (harassment!) in writing; not done.  I sent two e-mails requesting an IA investigation; no response.  I asked to speak with a lieutenant, no response.
  4. Refrigerator refuse incident:  coming to my home and calling; I said NO calls when reporting the crime.  (J. Swartz)
  5. Neighbor chimney light incident:  Coming to my home close to midnight, accusing me of trespassing; letter (fax) to Mink never responded-to.
  6. Street/mailbox incident:  Coming to my home and calling:  threatening charge of second degree criminal tampering.  Right of way, never touched mailbox, driving wrong side of street, etc.  Department refused to perform IA investigation.
  7. Neighbor abused/barking dogs incident:  Two deputies and a “ride along” came to my home;  erroneously accusing:  illegal letter, no covenants, dogs to wear bark collar.
  8. Letter to Renals:  Deputy to my home accusing me of violating USPS regulations.


  1. Call from J. Swartz after leaving anonymous crime report/sending e-mail.  I never provided my name or phone number.
  2. E-mail from sergeant.
  3. e-mail from Klienschmidt
  4. Abandoned vehicle incident:  two calls; sheriff tried to declare public park private property in order to avoid responding.
  5. 10/7/12 incident:  three caller ID blocked calls from Taborsky.
  6. 7/4/12 re repeated Monday volleyball violators at Stagecoach Park.  I said NO calls or visits; call with very disturbing elements:  e.g., threat, meet, “want me to tell you what I think.”

An e-mail to Ted Mink last year asking that this harassment stop was ignored.  Numerous other e-mails asking about failure to respond to reported crimes were also ignored.

I have dozens of e-mails and voice-mails as evidence.

This list will grow as I continue to pour through my notes.

It is very clear to me that the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department has a policy of threatening and attempting to intimidate citizens who report crimes.  Per Colorado law it is the “duty” for citizens to report crime.

I strongly believe, at least in my extended case over eight years, this is malice (i.e., not subject to qualified immunity).

Internal investigations simply are not conducted and reported.  (I believe associated data in the sheriff’s annual report are falsified.)


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