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E-mail to a slew of folks at the EPRD…  Kickbacks from Mayflower?  Just Kidding.
Per our conversation a short while ago here is a photo.  As is common, someone (way off to the left) drives to the park and throws things for their dog–not on a leash.  Another picture shows the dog defecating–and not cleaned up.  The huge moving van (another picture shows two smaller trucks used to unload it) is unmistakable.
I believe there is a statute about commercial business on public parks.  About 10:30 this morning I called the Sheriff’s department and I don’t know what, if anything, transpired.
I also drove to the park, collected the dog owner’s plate number, and called Animal Control.  I informed them that I have photographs.
I am very, very disappointed to hear that you investigated the moving van matter (I spoke with a worker at the park)–blocking the lot, turning the park into a massive commercial enterprise–with Mr. Robson and was instructed not to pursue it (i.e., that such use is acceptable).  As I noted to you, I doubt this truck can enter and exit the lot without causing damage.
Regarding the near-continuous illegal dog owner behavior in the park there are two very simple options:  1) a ranger/supervisor on part-time, on-call, or other basis or 2) a “special duty contract” with Animal Control/the Sheriff’s department.  I have had detailed discussions with Ms. Zimanti (sp?) of Animal Control; she is right (paraphrased/my impression):  the EPRD cannot accept public funds and build parks and expect the Sheriff’s department to patrol them.  Open Space parks have rangers and they are deputized.  How can you have a park without a ranger/supervisor?  I do not see how it can be avoided.
I do not believe I have ever seen a dog owner clean up after their pet…  The Jefferson County ordinance is quite clear and I have seen it become stronger over the years.
My conversation with Mr. Robson on the dog matter seems to have reached an impasse and I have been meaning to contact member(s ) of the board.  I concluded that Mr. Robson did not have the authority or desire to take what appear to be modest financial steps to correct the problem.
Finally, I will add that this park is in front of my park and my neighborhood and I take things there very seriously.  This and other related matters are posted at my blogs– and
Originally posted 7/12/11

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