The Depth of Jerry Sandusky

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There are people writing that this is the worst college football scandal ever.  It may be the longest in duration–who knows when it really started.  It is the winningest coach in Joe Paterno.

  • One facet is exposure of the “team concept” and the push things under the rug for the good of the whole philosophy.  Corruption, collusion, conspiracy, obstruction, etc. all all words that apply.  We all know that there are people who act as if careers, organizations, goals, and in this case winning and losing football games, is about being a loyal team participant.  These people believe not in doing the right thing (necessarily) or a meritocracy, they believe in following instructions.  They also believe in what they can only hope is the desired, best-for-everyone outcome.  They believe in schmoozing instead of doing the best that they can.  In this case this mentality got caught.  It got caught in this amorphous “morality” breech, but it also got caught by the law.
  • Frank Noonan, the seemingly ultra-competent Pennsylvania State Police Chief, took the unusual position of chastising the participants “moral obligation” in discussing criminal investigations and charges.  Part of it is because of the crawling, infectious nature of the violations, but another is because of what officials can do in their positions if they want to.  There is serious legal ambiguity whether Tim Curley or Gary Schultz are “mandated reporters” and they were charged and humiliated as such.



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