Hello. My name is Peter.

I am mostly from Michigan and the South and have lived in Colorado for close to 25 years. I enjoy getting outside for fun or work, writing, my big black Mercedes diesel, college sports, pizza, and many other things. I attended Michigan, George Washington University, and Georgia. I still study psychology and anthropology and I have masters in marketing research.

Career-wise, I tended to work on primary research projects and consulting, which provided travel and ever-changing issues. Customer satisfaction has always been a strong interest of mine. I worked at FBI headquarters for several years and that provided a foundation for who I am still. Recently I have tended more toward legal projects, and which is a hobby, as is a small company devoted to deer and elk damage. I am not really sure why I retired at such a young age, but it just worked out that way.

This site does not use cookies, but WordPress does. I don’t look at the stats. You may browse with impunity.

Most importantly, this site is about writing. I believe it is an amazing skill and I like to practice it, tone it, and use it. What is here is my writing, good or bad.

Update 1/27/20